Chem 200/201 Laboratories

NMR Predictor Software

The Department of Chemistry owns 60 site licences for Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) NMR Predictor software package which quickly and accurately calculates 13-C and 1-H NMR spectra for almost any drawn organic structure or mixture.

Integrated (pardon the pun!) into the package is additional software (ChemSketch) which allows for drawing chemical structures quickly and easily, and may prove useful when producing formal lab reports.

Similar trial (30 day) freeware is downloadable from the ACD/Labs website but is considerably more limited in its functions than the licenced software installed on campus.

On-Campus Access to ACD Software

Currently, the licenced software is installed on PCs in:

To use the software you will have to visit one of these locations and log in with your student account. Further guidance on using the software is available in Appendices 2 and 3 of your laboratory manual.