Chem 130 Laboratories                         Spring 2023

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What you need to know before attending your first lab....

Lab Sessions start Thursday January 12 in room FR310.

The following clickable icon appears at various places in the lab schedule:

Instructional Video Link
Instructional Videos -  specific to laboratory techniques and equipment for selected experiments, showing the methods that students will use when in the laboratory.  Recommended viewing.  

Chem 130 Laboratory Schedule   ICONS BELOW ARE LINKS 

Jan 12  Lab Orientation Session  video
Jan 19  Lab 1    Measurement  
Jan 26  Lab 2    Chromatographic Separation of Dyes  
Feb 02  no lab session this week  
Feb 09 Lab 3    Gases  
Feb 16  Lab 4    Chemical Reactions  
Feb 23 no lab session this week  
Mar 02  Lab 6    Acids & Bases I  
Mar 09 Lab 6    Acids & Bases II  
Mar 16 Lab 7    Mole  
Mar 23 no lab session this week  
Mar 30 Lab 8    Solutions & Dilutions  
Apr 06 Lab 9     Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents  
Apr 13 no lab session this week  
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Laboratory Attendance

Attendance at laboratories is mandatory, and missed work that has not be made-up in some manner will be assigned a zero grade.  To pass the lab component of this course you must have attended and completed a required minimum of laboratory work.  This minimum is dependent upon a number of factors and will be raised by your laboratory supervisor, if necessary.

If absence from an in-person in-lab session is unavoidable, contact your lab supervisor, preferably before the class, and certainly no more than one day after the missed experiment. Unavoidable absences from the lab (to which there is also a limit) are governed by the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Policy Regarding Missed Examinations and Labs which can be found in your course outline.

 A student missing more than 2 in-person lab session might have difficulty passing the lab course.

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Laboratory Report Deadlines

Most reports will be due at the end of the laboratory session, whereas some will require more time for completion. Information about due times is found in the “Prelab Preparation” section of each experiment in the lab manual. Deadlines for submission of reports requiring extra time will be given by your laboratory instructor.

The reports should be submitted in the correct drop box in the hallway outside FR308, unless otherwise specified by your instructor.

Note that there are boxes for all chemistry lab courses and all lab sections within each course, so be sure to use the correct box!

Reports left in the wrong box will not be marked.

Late Laboratory Reports

Penalties will be applied to reports received after the stated deadlines. Late report policies are set by the Department of Chemistry and applied to all laboratory components of chemistry courses at Capilano University. Since the late report policy is set by the Department of Chemistry, your instructor is obligated to apply the penalties as described below.

A late report received within 24 hours of the deadline, and signed, will be assessed a penalty of 50% of the total possible marks. Late reports must be submitted in person to one of the chemistry laboratory personnel to be signed and dated.

If late reports are left in the hallway drop box after the deadline, they will not be marked. Reports received more than 24 hours after the deadline will not be marked, resulting in 100% loss of the total possible marks.

For more complete details on the late report policies, consult your laboratory guide.