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Polarimetry - Excel Workbook

If you have problems downloading or opening the Microsoft Excel workbook, please ask your lab supervisor to e-mail the file to you. The file can be opened in Microsoft Excel 2010 on any PC in any computer lab on campus.
Yes......... ....Read below on how to set up the printer first.
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Checking and Setting the Default Printer
in a Campus Computer lab
The PCs in campus computer labs are meant to automatically default to the room's printer. However, this does not always occur so, if you are going to be printing from a computer lab PC, it's essential for you to check the default printer after you have signed in and before you use any software. Fortunately, the check is relatively easy to perform:
Once signed in to the PC…………
1. Click the Start Windows 7 start buttonbutton in the bottom left corner of the screen and select Devices and Printers from the list (Figure A-3.1).

Figure A-3.1. Checking Devices and Printers

2. In the pop-up, look for your printing device (Figure A-3.2). Figure A-3.2 shows the printing device in FR-305 as "FR-305 Student Printer on papyrus". If using a PC in another computer lab, it will show another similar printing device.
3. Make sure there is a green checkmark ( ) next to the printing device, indicating that it is the default printer (Figure A-3.2). 4. If there is no green checkmark associated with the printing device, right-click on the device and choose Set as default printer from the menu (Figure A-3.3). There should now be a green checkmark) next to the printing device as seen in Figure A-3.2. 5. Close the pop-up and proceed with your work.

Figure A-3.2. Devices and Printers Pop-up


Figure A-3.3. Setting Default Printer


  ..Click here to link directly to the Excel workbook.