Chem 110 Laboratories              next held in Fall 2020  

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What you need to know before attending your first lab....

Lab sessions start the week beginning January 13 in room FR306.

A handout with more information will be provided at your first lecture session.


You can download a pdf copy of this handout by clicking the above pdf icon. It will open in a new tab or window.

Instructional VideoInstructional videos are available via our YouTube channel. Videos specific to laboratory techniques and equipment in selected experiments can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the laboratory schedule below. All videos have been tested on our website using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari and are viewable on a PC, Mac or mobile device, including iPad and iPhone. We have been unable to get the videos to load using Firefox. If your browser is Firefox, please view the videos using Internet Explorer from within a campus computer lab or access them via our YouTube channel.

Pre/Post-Lab Tutorial LinkAlso available are tutorials relating to selected study guide problems and treatment of results,as given in the current laboratory manual. These may also be accessed by clicking on the icon in the laborabory schedule below.

Chem 110 Laboratory Schedule  

Jan 13 Exp 0     Laboratory Orientation Instructional Video LinkPre/Post-Lab Tutorial Link Short
Jan 20 Exp 1.1   Gravimetric Analysis Instructional Video LinkPre/Post-Lab Tutorial Link Short
Jan 27 Exp 1.2   Gravimetric Analysis   Short
Feb 03 Exp 2.1   Titrimetric Analysis Instructional Video LinkPre/Post-Lab Tutorial Link Short
Feb 10 Exp 2.2   Titrimetric Analysis  Instructional Video LinkPre/Post-Lab Tutorial Link  Short
Feb 17 No labs this week.    
Feb 24 Exp 3   Spectroscopy  PDF filePre/Post-Lab Tutorial Link Short
Mar 02 Exp 4   Isoln of Caffeine, Part 1 Instructional Video Link Short
Mar 09 Exp 4   Isoln of Caffeine, Part 2  Instructional Video Link FULL  
Mar 16 No labs but Full Report due this week.     
Mar 23 Exp 5   Geometric Isomers Instructional Video Link Short
Mar 30 Exp 6   Molecular Models                ONLINE LINK CLICK HERE
Apr 06 no labs    
* Full report on the Titrations experiment applies only to Exp 2.2.
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Laboratory Attendance

Attendance at laboratories is mandatory, and missed work will be assigned a zero grade. To pass the laboratory component of this course you must achieve a minimum mark of 50% overall, and you must have attended and completed a required minimum of laboratory work.  A student missing more than 3 lab sessions, for any reason, cannot pass the lab course. 

If absence from a laboratory period is unavoidable, contact your lab supervisor, preferably before the class, and certainly no more than one day after the missed experiment. Unavoidable absences from the lab (to which there is also a limit) are governed by the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Policy Regarding Missed Examinations and Labs which can be found in your course outline. If a lab excuse is granted, you will likely be required to make up the lost work.

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Laboratory Report Deadlines

Most reports will be due at the end of the laboratory session. Information about due times is found in the "Prelab Preparation" section of each experiment in the lab manual. The full report and Spectroscopy will require more time for completion; due dates and times will be confirmed by your instructor at the beginning of the lab session. Always submit your report exactly as your instructor directs. Those reports due at the end of a session should be submitted before you leave the lab. Those reports with extended deadlines should be submitted in the correct drop box in the hallway outside FR308.

Late Laboratory Reports

Penalties will be applied to reports received after the stated deadlines. Late report policies are set by the Department of Chemistry and applied to all laboratory components of chemistry courses at Capilano University. Since the late report policy is set by the Department of Chemistry, your instructor is obligated to apply the penalties as described below

A late report received up to 24 hours after the deadline will be assessed a penalty of 50% of the total possible marks. Late reports must be submitted to one of the chemistry laboratory personnel to be signed and dated. Late reports left in the hallway drop box after the deadline, or left in the wrong drop box, will not be marked.

Reports received more than 24 h after the deadline will not be marked, resulting in 100% loss of total possible marks.

For more complete details on the late report policies, consult your laboratory guide.