Instructional Videos

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Laboratory Orientation and Laboratory Safety

The following videos should be viewed before you attend you first laboratory session.  All videos are available in full HD quality and can be viewed in full screen.

Instructional VideoIntroduction to the Laboratory (5:33)

This video briefly covers what you need to know about your chemistry lab, where it is, what it looks like, and includes a tour of the lab showing location of apparatus and equipment. The video also shows you what to bring to your first lab session, and points out sections of your lab manual and lab guide which must be read before attending.

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Instructional VideoSafety in the Chemistry Laboratory (9:48)

In this video, parts of Section 2 (Laboratory Safety) in your laboratory guide are highlighted so that you have a basic awareness of the importance of safe laboratory practices.  We take a look at the safety equipment in the lab together with steps which can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents. Various types of safety glasses and goggles are examinied to allow you to make the best choice of eye protection for your lab sessions.

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